How to Overcome the Business Growth Hurdle

Picture this: your business has finally overcome the challenges of being a startup and has now reached the growth stage. However, as you take a breath, celebrate and consider plans for expansion, you begin to notice that what was working a year ago is no longer...

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Leadership Wisdom: Our 10 Favourite Management Quotes

Whether you're a business owner, manager or team leader, you need the skills and techniques to be able to effectively lead, direct and inspire your team to achieve peak performance and deliver the best results possible. When it comes to management and leadership, we...

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The importance of setting good goals

Goal setting is a fundamental part of our personal and business lives. In a business sense, goal setting can be used to effectively motivate employees to achieve higher levels of performance than they otherwise would have achieved. However, when setting goals, it is...

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How to Work in Flow (and Why You Should Do It)

After years of intense study on the processes of creativity and productivity, Hungarian psychologist Professor Mihály Csíkszentmihályi discovered that the secret to working at an optimum level was to enter a mental state that he described as “working in flow.” This...

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