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Building on solid foundations

Think of your business HR structure like a building. If you don’t have solid foundations, the building will shake in the slightest tremor.

So, we start by laying a strong base. We set up your HR compliance so your policies, procedures and contracts align with your business goals.

From there we build. At every step along the way, we are adding to that foundation and developing maturity within your HR framework. With a solid foundation, you stop fighting fires and move to the operational and strategic aspects of your HR.

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Embedding HR capability

We are excited by seeing your business grow. We want to add value and to be valued in your business. And we do that by embedding HR capability in your business.

We aren’t the kind of HR consultants who want you to think that you can’t do this work without us. The truth is – you can. And when you empower your managers to own the HR policies and procedures within your business, you will see far greater results.

In everything we do, we upskill your team so we can support your business in the next stage of your growth. But we never drop and run. We work collaboratively, hand-in-hand with your managers, so they always have the support they need.

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Your strategic business partner

All the work we do in laying the foundations of a solid HR framework and empowering your managers to own that framework is so we can add value as a strategic business partner. As HR consultants, that’s where we shine.

More than just an HR business partner, we are a partner in your business. We look at the whole picture to ensure the systems and processes we implement look after the most important asset in your business… your people.

We work with you to set strategic goals aligned with your business strategy… and then partner with you to achieve those goals. We look at where your business is going and build the structures you need to make it work.

Every solution is customised to your team and your business. And we are your sounding board and a trusted advisor beside you on the journey.

The HR consultant you need… when you need us

At ChandlerWoods, we believe that when we partner with our clients to build sustainable HR solutions in their business, that is when the magic happens. We build HR capability in your business so you can survive and thrive.

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