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People problems in a business rarely happen in isolation. If you fix the immediate problem – whether it is an employee grievance or a compliance concern – you are simply putting a band-aid over the issue. The same problem will keep popping up over and over again… until you get to the root cause.

And that’s what we do with our diagnostic tool. We open the lid on a business and don’t stop digging until we have the complete picture. We look at the business performance, the culture, the individuals in the team and the external market pressures. We use a variety of HR tools including surveys and analysis to get to the bottom of the problem… and create HR solutions that will not only fix the problem, they will set you on the path to sustainable business growth.

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Understanding the causes

Every business strategy has a number of drivers. And those drivers will come from both within your business and outside of it.

We start by uncovering those forces to identify the gaps that could be affecting your performance or causing problems in your business.

We look at your competitors and the industry you operate in. We consider the economy, your customers and social or environmental factors that could be at play. We also take a look inside the business to understand your structure – the foundations of your business. Do you have a clear mission and vision? Are your people practices sound?

These causes are intangible. You can’t see them. But you sure can feel the impact they have if something is awry.

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Examining the effects

Straight up, if your people aren’t performing, your business growth will stall. Your people are absolutely crucial to the success of your business.

If you look at people performance in isolation of business performance, you only have half the picture. Likewise, in the reverse.

So we look at the complete picture. We review your business performance – your growth, market share and profitability. And alongside that we do a deep dive of the people and culture within your business. Is there teamwork, cooperation and innovation?

Are your people engaged and happy at work? We put our HR tools to work to understand what is really going on in your business.

Any business owner can point to one of these effects and tell you the pain it’s causing in their business. They are tangible and have real impacts on the success of your business.

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Meaningful and measurable solutions

It isn’t simply a case of pointing at an effect and being able to identify its cause. Your business is complex – and so are the people in it. We bring a strategic lens to unpack your business and understand what is driving the problems you are experiencing.

When you have the whole story, you can make meaningful change… and that change is measurable. You can lay solid foundations and build from the bottom up, shedding those niggling problems along the way.

But to do that, we also need to know where you are heading. The diagnostic is only one part of the process. The next step is to look at your business strategy and where you want to take your business, and then we design a plan that will get you there.

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Our HR services are proactive and solutions focused. By using our diagnostic tool to get the big picture view of your organisation, we can not only help you solve your people problems… we can get to the root cause of the problem and help you transform your business.

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