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Kristen Madigan

HR Business Consultant

“I grew up in a family business. My father was an electrician and I watched him struggle to scale his business. It was his people problems that were keeping him up at night. I wanted to be able to help him with that.”

Kristen’s early experiences with her father’s business led her down the path to an HR career. She has worked across industries and organisations… but her passion is working with small to medium enterprises to really make a difference.

“In large organisations, you spend a lot of your time influencing and playing into politics. Any change is really slow. In a smaller business, you can make a difference… you can lift that weight off a business owner’s shoulders. And you can do it very quickly.

Often, in medium sized organisations, you are so focused on keeping the lights on and thinking about how you can grow your business. I’m always thinking about how I can bring my HR expertise and make it commercial and pragmatic so the business is a really great place to work. And ultimately, so the business can survive and thrive.”

Kristen is a very commercial HR consultant. She is dynamic and innovative. And she has the ability to translate strategy and break it down into practical steps.

“I have an HR and operational background, but my sweet spot is definitely in end-to-end HR solutions. I have extensive experience working with CEOs, boards and senior leadership teams to drive change that improves business outcomes.

I love challenges. And I enjoy coming up with creative ways to navigate a difficult employment situation or show a business owner a different way of doing things. When you break down the structures and processes of a business and rebuild that in the context of the strategy, you can completely rebuild a business.”

Success to Kristen is when she can make a difference and get a good outcome for a client.

“Success looks different with every client. It could be that the business owner has more time in their day… or the leadership team is making faster and more collaborative decisions… or employees who have been made redundant are treated with dignity.

When I can turn a sceptical leader into a promoter or an advocate or when I can help them see that the problem they have is actually a business problem causing an HR issue, that’s really rewarding. I want business leaders to see the value of HR. I’m really passionate about people, the potential they bring and helping clients to create a great place for people to work. If you lead with your people at the heart of everything you do, you’ll create better outcomes for your customers.”

Outside of work, Kristen is busy adventuring with her toddler. She travels when she can – given her passion for people it’s no surprise she loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures. If she had more time in her day, she would be helping youth with tools and coaching to secure employment and thrive in the workforce.



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