Achieve soaring business performance by assessing, identifying and developing your team’s top performers.

What are your development plans for your high performers and top talent?

Do your newly promoted employees sometimes struggle with their role?

What’s the difference between high-performance and high potential?

Many organisations struggle to accurately assess their talent, finding it difficult to distinguish the difference between high-performance and high potential. As a result, this can lead to the promotion of employees into the wrong roles, such as promoting someone into a leadership role who is skilled technically, but lack leadership capabilities.

ChandlerWoods helps organisations accurately identify and assess their talent. Through in-depth assessments, we’re able to help you gain a true understanding of the potential and capabilities of your employees.

We highlight capability gaps so that targeted development can take place and identify retention risks so engagement strategies can be put in place, ensuring you don’t lose your best people.

Our range of identification and assessment strategies help you accurately identify your top team members and fast track their success within your organisation.

  • Our simple-yet-effective approach helps you identify high potential employees
  • Capability assessments to identify the strengths and development opportunities within your organisation
  • Assessment centres to gauge the attributes and capabilities of large teams
  • Psychometric testing to identify employee attributes and capabilities
  • Retention and engagement plans to ensure your top performers are not being neglected

Discover how we can help you succeed through quality talent and people management.