Ensure success and accelerate results with our proven onboarding process.

Need to get your new employees up-to-speed quickly and productively?

Want to ensure you’re setting up your new talent for success?

Want your new employees engaged and committed to their new role?

According to a Gallup research poll, only 12% of employees believe their organisation does a great job of onboarding new employees. That means a staggering 88% think otherwise!

Glassdoor have calculated that on average, an employer spends $5,400 and 24 days to hire a new worker. With a negative or unpleasant onboarding experience, your new hire could simply walk out – effectively doubling your cost and time to hire!

ChandlerWoods works with you to ensure your new employees are set up for success, using effective onboarding and support programs. As a result, new employees are fully engaged, productive and assimilated into the business.

Our onboarding, induction and coaching solutions help you ensure the success of new employees at every level.

  • Standard and bespoke onboarding programs that align to the size, scale and requirements of your business
  • Development of organisational induction programs
  • Leadership effectiveness coaching to support newly hired talent or recently promoted employees
  • Executive coaching to help senior managers assimilate to their roles, increasing productivity and engagement
  • 360-degree feedback to further increase performance

Discover how we can help you succeed through quality talent and people management.