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Performance Coaching

If your people aren’t performing at their best… your business isn’t performing at its best, either.

Building a high performing team is crucial for business growth. You need people on your team who are focused and driven, motivated and engaged. They need to be strong leaders who excel at what they do. And in some cases, they need performance coaching to get them there.

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Identifying the gaps

There are a number of reasons why you would consider performance coaching in your business. You might need help with:

  • Equipping high potential team members with the skills they need to perform optimally
  • Supporting newly hired talent or recently promoted employees with leadership effectiveness skills
  • Executive coaching for senior managers to increase productivity and engagement
  • Aligning individual values and behaviour with organisational expectations
  • Preparing organisational talent for senior leadership transitions.

But no matter the reason why you need help, the solution we create will always be tailored to your business goals. We will help your people improve their performance… so you can propel your business forward.

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Our performance coaching toolkit

Blanket solutions or performance coaching for coaching sake will never get you the long-term results you need. We tailor every performance coaching solution we implement to the specific needs of your business and the requirements of the individual or team.

We start with your business goals and the gaps we have identified as inhibiting your performance. And then we open our toolkit to design a unique solution.

We use a mix of 360 feedback, personal assessments and other analysis tools to build a development plan that will get results.

We are skilled in a range of tools, including:

  • Human Synergistics Toolset – LSI1, LSI2 and GSI
  • Hogans
  • DISC.

Whichever tool we use, the results are a starting point to dive into the behavioural changes you want to see.

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Empowering accountability

Performance coaching is not about us sharing our advice or experience… it’s about getting your people to perform at their best. And to do that, each individual needs to feel empowered to own their development plan.

Our role in performance coaching is to facilitate the process. We are accountable for aligning the development plan with the business and professional goals… but we can’t do the work. That’s up to the individual.

We empower individuals to own their performance; to be accountable for their values and behaviours; and to take action towards their goals.

If they don’t do the work, the coaching will not be successful.

And we also empower the manager in the process. They are the one to provide feedback on the journey and reinforce the positive behavioural change they see.

Along the way, we set goals, we check in and we facilitate conversations to keep the process transparent and on track. While the goals for every individual will be vastly different, the one consistent is ensuring that the change is sustainable.

Build your people… and your business

At ChandlerWoods we are all about valuing the people in your business. And building capability in your people is one of the greatest ways you can do this. We are strong performance coaches, able to facilitate and guide conversations and processes along with individual accountability to get long-term results.

Contact us to discuss your performance coaching requirements and how our expert coaches can guide positive behavioural change in your team.


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