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Transformational Executive Recruitment

Belinda Bell is no stranger to executive recruitment. Throughout her career, she has recruited for countless roles using both internal recruiters and external agencies.

But when she needed to fill two critical roles in a transformation program, she knew she needed a higher level of expertise to find the right people for the job.

“I was aware of Melissa Powick’s expertise in this area, so I called on ChandlerWoods to help me with the recruitment of these roles. While we had an internal recruitment team, I knew they didn’t have the resources to find the right people in the market. We needed more than an ad on Seek… we needed someone completely focused on the roles.”

And Belinda wasn’t disappointed with the results. Within three weeks, Belinda was making offers to the two successful candidates.

“It would have taken twice as long using our internal recruitment function… and we wouldn’t have got the quality of candidates that Melissa presented us with.

The difference those two people have made in the business in such a short time is phenomenal. The executive leadership team has given so much positive feedback. They aren’t just great people on paper… they added value from the beginning. The ROI from the recruitment process was evident very quickly.”

Job interview with the employer

It wasn’t just the speed of the process and the fact that Melissa found the right candidates that impressed Belinda… it was the way Melissa went about the task.

“Even though Melissa doesn’t have a background in transformation projects, she knew exactly what to look for and the info to extract from me to form the role profiles.

She wanted to understand our organisational values and how the person could align with that. It wasn’t just about skillset.

When she provided the candidate profiles back to me, she’d taken the time to go through and make sure they aligned with our organisational values, which was really important to us. The quality of candidates she put forward was remarkable. I’ve never seen profiles like the ones she presented to me.”

Smiling diverse HR managers

Belinda was so impressed at how Melissa knew what to look for. And she also knows that is something that comes with experience.

“Melissa used her network and search skills to find people who were open to opportunities. When someone is already in a job, they need a real reason to leave that job. Melissa has strong sales skills and was able to sell the role to the candidates.

She also did a really thorough job of screening each candidate. It was like she knew what I would be asking and had screened them for that already.”

While she understands how tight budgets can be in organisations – particularly where there is already an internal recruitment function – Belinda sees using the executive recruitment services of ChandlerWoods as a business case.

“Once you’ve used Melissa once, you want to continue to use her. Because, when you invest the money in those executive roles, you will be in a much better position to find people that are the right fit for the organisation. The time you save and the quality candidates you will get are the proof that it works.”


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