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Ulrika Dijkstra

Ulrika Dijkstra

Talent Acquisition

Recruitment isn’t a career Ulrika ever planned… but as is so often the case, she fell into the world of talent acquisition. And it’s a career move that has taken her around the world.

“In my early career, I worked as a finance manager in business administration and accounting before shifting into industrial relations. At that time, I was working in the UK when a recruitment agency I was registered with needed someone to set up a Scandinavian desk. I’m Scandinavian myself and knew a lot about the industry they were recruiting for, so it was a natural fit.”

Since that early introduction to recruitment, Ulrika has worked in recruitment roles across a range of industries from pharmaceuticals to online banking and mobile payments and online gaming.

“I have always recruited for entrepreneurial companies in interesting industries. Growth and expansion have always been a big focus. A lot of the roles I have recruited for have been in highly technical industries… but I’m most excited by executive search or when I can recruit for brand new roles that no one has done before.”

Ulrika’s husband’s work brought their family to Australia… she connected with Melissa in 2018 and has been working across the end-to-end talent acquisition process at ChandlerWoods ever since.

“I am across the entire process. Starting with the client briefing, to job descriptions, sourcing candidates, interviews, reference checks and salary negotiations. With executive searches, we don’t always advertise, so I spend a lot of time researching on LinkedIn and connecting with my networks.”

Ulrika has had quite the global career. And she draws on her global experience to get results.

“I’m Swedish and I’m married to a Dutch man. I’ve worked in the UK, Holland, Antigua and now Australia. My experience really helps me to understand how people think and how they prefer to work… and that’s super important for the success of a placement.

In the work I do, I get the opportunity to really learn about people. I love talking to people. I’m a very curious person. I love finding out about what makes them tick and their background. I like to know what they’ve done in the past and their goals for the future. I have candidates I’ve followed for 10-15 years. The relationship doesn’t stop when someone is – or isn’t – placed in a role. We are helping people in their career. And we are helping businesses to find the people who will take them to the next stage of their growth.”

On the weekend, you’ll find Ulrika ferrying her two children around. She has travelled the globe but is now discovering the wonders Australia has to offer. She also takes a lot of pleasure in cooking for her family.

“I read a lot of cookbooks for inspiration. But the thing I love about cooking is that you have to add flavours, to taste it and smell it. It’s so interactive and I love the process. After a stressful day it is my relaxation and joy.”



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